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NIC 2024 Agenda
(Mar. 19th, 2024 - Mar. 22nd, 2024 )
Date Time Location Activity
Mar. 19th
10:30-11:00 Hall 1 Opening Ceremony
11:00-12:00 Hall 1-3-12-7-2-11-9 Collective Visit of Opening Ceremony Guests
14:00-14:40 Publication Area
(Hall 1)
Licensing Ceremony of 2024-2028 National Education Base for Science Popularization
14:40-15:10 Release Event for Science Popularization Book "A Nuclear Fantasy Trip with Me”
15:10-15:30 Release Event for the Progress Report on China's Nuclear Science and Technology (Vol. 8)
15:30-16:10 Press Conference on Major Developments in Foreign Nuclear Industry and Technology
16:10-16:30 Press Conference for Nuclear Trade Branch (under preparation) of Chinese Nuclear Society
14:30-16:00 Friendship Hall
(F1, Hall 12)
International Opening Press Conference for Scientific Research Facilities of China National Nuclear Corporation
13:30-17:30 Peace Hall
(F2, Hall 11)
Global Nuclear Fuel Innovation and Development Forum
Mar. 20th
09:00-13:00 Meeting Room 4
(F2, Hall 12)
Medical Isotope Forum of Nuclear Trade Branch (under preparation)
09:00-10:30 Publication Area
(Hall 1)
Release Event for Atoms 2.0
10:30-11:30 Product Launch Event for the Next Generation of Ultra-Low Background Liquid Scintillation Counter
13:30-15:30 A Hall, Peace Hall
(F2, Hall 11)
Westinghouse Seminar Part 1-Long-term Operation (LTO) of Nuclear Power Plants
15:40 -17:00 Westinghouse Seminar Part 2-Training and Digital Services of Westinghouse
Mar. 21st
13:00-17:00 B Hall, Peace Hall
(F2, Hall 11)
The third Standing Council meeting of the first Council of the Chinese Nuclear Society Nuclear Emergency Medicine Branch
Mar. 22nd
09:00-12:00 / /
14:00 All Halls Exhibition Move-out
Mar. 19th-22nd Science Popularization Exhibition
(Hall 1)
Science Popularization Exhibition on "Nuclear Technology Helps a Better Life"